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Few would argue that, despite the advancements of feminism over the past three decades, women still face a ethic when it involves their behavior. While men’s borderline-inappropriate behavior is usually laughed off as “boys are going to be boys,” women face higher conduct standards – especially within the workplace. That’s why it’s crucial that, as women, our behavior on the work is beyond reproach.

Small Towns and large States People Finder

For evidence of the ethic , we’d like look no farther than Arlington, Oregon, where Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist was recalled during a 142-139 vote after the town’s denizens discovered that the mayor’s MySpace page featured photos of her in lingerie. Although Kontur-Gronquist is alleging fraud and challenging the returns, and albeit the mayoral position was unpaid, nobody is arguing that her MySpace page did her in.

Contrast her situation thereupon of David Paterson, New York’s new governor. After Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned amid allegations of engaging the services of a prostitute, Paterson was sworn in and admitted that he had engaged in extramarital affairs which he had experimented with both cocaine and marijuana while he was in his twenties. It seems odd that the mayor of alittle town in Oregon is being held to a better standard than the governor of latest York.

With Computers, Private Can Go Public

The moral (so to speak) of the story is that, as women, our behavior must be impeccable – both on and off the work . Yes, we will have private lives, but we unwittingly make those private lives public once we boot up a computer, use email, or go browsing .

To protect yourself within the workplace, the primary rule of thumb isn’t to conduct personal matters using your employer’s equipment. you’ve got no right to privacy, and your employer can have total access to your record of computer usage, your Internet history, and your email. Resist the temptation to buy online, check the news, or surf the web while you’re at work. Don’t forward that joke or motivational email to your colleagues. And don’t email your friends or relations .What Is Hdcp